Los Angeles-based rock photographer from Milan, Italy

I started capturing live images of my favorite bands in the mid-Nineties and soon began freelancing for various publications, Rock Hard to name one, gaining more confidence and experience along the way.

In May 2005 Metal Hammer took me on board as their main photo contributor and by that time I was shooting every single band passing through town and beyond, on and off stage. Since then I have seen most of the rock world through my lenses.

I moved to the great city of Los Angeles, California in 2013, attracted by its vibrant music scene, gorgeous weather and seductive landscapes. And still do what I do.

To this day my photos have appeared on CD covers, ads, flyers and countless international media outlets such as Forbes (USA), Rolling Stone (USA), Virgin Radio (Italy), Kerrang! (UK), Classic Rock (UK, Italy), Metal Hammer (Italy, Spain, UK), Rock Hard (Italy, Germany), Rock Sound (Italy), Hollywood Weekly (USA), Sweden Rock (Sweden), Legacy (Germany), Rock Tribune (Belgium), Aardschok (The Netherlands), Metallian (France), Monster Magazine (Norway) and BW&BK (Canada) among others.

This website also includes a selection of my travel photography, which is something that, over the years, I have done with increasing passion and dedication.

And who knows what the future holds…